error while trying to load tracks on DJay pro 2 on mac

I am using djay pro 2 on mac, this error keeps coming up OSStatus error 2003334207. This error appears on random tracks from spotify, itunes and beatport. If i restart the software it will fix it but then the problem appears on different tracks. This is really annoying if i am mixing because it means i have to stop and reopen the software, it also causes the track to lose all its cue pionts

Same issue here. I am seeing this error with Beatport Link on os x 10.15.5. Randomly happens on tracks. Happens on tracks that were previously working. Once the error happens, you can’t play that track again. It was all working fine prior to the Djay 2.2.2 update. I’ve contacted Algoriddim support but have not heard back. 

I wish there was a way to download 2.2.1 cause I really wanted to play music last night and tonight.

Same issue with the latest version.  I find that it tends to happen with previously loaded and played tracks. They load and play fine once, but go back and try to load and play again a second time and the error appears…

I’ll continue following this post, as the post I used is older. Same problem on iPad