Error with covers and sound.

Hi. Some covers are not displaying correctly, they are duplicated in different songs. The audio is delayed 1 or 2 seconds since I hit play with some True Wireles headphones and can’t mix the songs well, I have JBL Tune 120TWS. I have tried with the JBL T110BT and it sounds good, without delay (from the second 0), just like with a usb headset. However with the JBL True Wireles when I hit play it takes 1 or 2 seconds to start being heard. With a players (Jetaudio, Poweramp, etc…) not happen.

I would recommend not to mix with bluetooth headphones as you will always have some delay. I’m using AirPods Pro which have been praised as having really low delay and even with those it’s not managable for live mixing.

More details about AirPods Pro latency:

I can’t spend € 200 on headphones

I found these 2 good posts to read


But those posts make me wonder, there is no way to know what codecs our Bluetooth receivers are using. Vendors might not telling us, but reading those, the high quality codecs will need more power, so the expected listening time will be shortened. The 50h listening time?

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