Exit cue points and non-repeat in automix playlists

Thanks for the amazing app. I have two suggestions that hopefully have not been raised elsewhere.

First, I think it would be great to have “exit” cue points (sorry if there’s a real name for this that I don’t know). Just like regular cue points can be marked anywhere on a track, this cue point would tell automix to end the song and move on to the next one.For example, a ton of R&B music has ridiculously stupid outros that no one actually wants to listen to. Being able to set your own exit point for the song would be awesome.

Second, it would be nice if automix didn’t repeat songs within a playlist. If you pop-up the music selector from one of the decks directly, it’ll show which songs have been played. It would be great if the automix itself could ignore these same songs during the session. As an example, I have a playlist with approximately 1,200 songs in it. Playing it at work today via automix, 10 or so of the songs played again despite the fact that like 1,100 other songs were available to play.

Thanks for your suggestions!