Expand column choices for streaming services

In addition to local music, I also use Apple Music and Beatport streaming services. The columns available in the streaming services aren’t as complete as my local music. Having access to the expanded column choices consistently across multiple music sources is necessary for consistency in my workflow. Some key columns missing for me in the streaming services is:


There are others as well, but wanted to list my most critical.

Thanks for the suggestion @jimyson. I will forward this to the dev team for consideration, but I’m not sure that it’s technically possible to edit the meta data for these groupings with streaming services anyway so the extra columns would likely remain blank anyway.

I can see that if it were to write back to the streaming service. I wasn’t sure if there was a way to link the streaming record to the local analyzed record where the additional columns would reside.

@Slak_Jaw, I was thinking about this over the weekend. Using Apple Music as an example, I have the ability to modify the metadata in the Music app of songs that are in the cloud but added to my library. I wouldn’t need djay pro to edit, just display the fields.

Thanks for the additional feedback @jimyson. I’ll forward this to the team as well.

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