Explicit Tracks

Been using DJay Pro with my iPad Pro and Spotify. I notice that spotify has a way to tell if the track is “Explicit”. Can you please add some sort of way to tell this in Djay? I find myself playing the wrong versions quite often and it is embarrassing.

In Spotify Mac app, there is the word Explicit. On DJay, you can’t see this in the list or search box. The data is there, not sure if they can access it or not.

While I understand that the only foolproof way is to audition the tracks, an explicit tag rules out many before wasting time on that process. Sometimes I like to take requests. Now, when taking requests, I have to check on a PC first for the tag. It would be helpful to see this in Djay2.

Spotify is notorious for not identifying tracks that have explicit language. The only way for us to guarantee that we don’t have issues is to purchase our songs after vetting them personally…

I can site several examples of songs that SHOULD be listed as explicit and are not. just can’t at the moment. that’s my only beef. We use it and like it but can’t rely on it unless we know the song we own has been checked Tank…
this damn forum for me ls like a moth to a flame, cannot resist the urge to read posts. Wish Algoriddim would have the same interest in reading and responding to these posts :slight_smile:

I will send an example over later tonight Tank, thanks!!!

Disagree Owen. Spotify does a perfectly good job of marking songs with the “Explicit” label. The desktop app has had it forever. The mobile app has added it very obviously to the beginning of each track name, as far as I can recall this is a recent addition.

Djay 2 and Djay Pro only shows two results one on top of another and you have to guess. What Owen is suggesting is that you ‘prepare’ by checking songs and adding them to playlists, cuepoints etc, which you should be doing anyway. Disagree that you need to purchase songs. Vet each song result, sure, but purchase? nah.

Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were unable to find the Explicit label, you are saying there are songs with obvious swears and they are not labeled at all, correct? I would imagine that Explicit label come from the record label, not spotify scanning songs or otherwise listening for swears and labeling a track as such. I’d be interested to hear an example, if you can find one.

Yeah, color coding or a little star in the title, anything!

Apple shows explicit tag on songs but does not on android