Export and import playlist

Hello folks!
If I export a playlist as CSV - how can I import it back into DJPRO AI?
Why? I have 2 Macs. One MAC is old and has a broken database. However, I still have a lot of playlists in DJPRO AI that I would like to export “individually” and then import onto my new MAC.
How can I do this without laboriously reading each individual track and recreating the playlist manually?
Any ideas?
Thanks & Regards Siggi

djay → Apple Music
On macOS, you can copy/paste tracks from ‘My Collection’ to a playlist in Apple Music (manually switch to the Music app and paste the tracks). If you are subscribed to Apple Music, you may be able to do this directly in djay. Not sure if this works in iOS, Windows or Android.

Apple Music → djay
In djay, drag/drop playlists OR copy/paste tracks to a playlist in ‘My Collection’.

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Hey @Michael_Wisniewski
Thanks for the tip. But it only works if you have an Apple MUSIC subscription. Otherwise you won’t get the playlist on the other MacBook :-(.

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  • Yes without a subscription, you have to manually copy/paste the playlist tracks into the Music app.
  • With a subscription, you should be able transfer playlists directly in djay (but I haven’t confirmed this myself because I don’t want to sign up for Apple Music).

Thanks for sharing this… Its a big problem… I suggested the m3u format at least…

I put my music playlist in folders… Hence Making playlists can be diffucult in djay pro… In my situation i would play around with my music to create a playlist… I would queue the playlist… In serato i would copy the playlist in a folder… In virtual dj its even better… The playlist would be copied with the m3u file… I think because of copyrights maybe thats why you cant move files within the software… But serato does it… Virtual dj does it…:grin:… Because of this i have to manually move songs using the file system on my iphone… It would have been simple if i could share the playlist into a folder…

What i like is when you record a mix… The recorded file will have a share button next to it and u can share it to wherever u want… Please do this for playlist… Share files to a folder🙏

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I’d love to get the playlist functionality available in Apple Music, but I just don’t want to subscribe. I had problems before losing some tracks with iTunes Match etc - so in the meantime, I’m just going to manager it manually.

  1. To manually transfer Apple Music playlists to another Mac
    – copy/paste the Apple Music Library (Music\Music).
  2. To manually transfer djay Pro playlists to another Mac
    – copy/paste the djay Pro Library (Music\djay)


  • put your audio files in the same directory as on the original Mac.
  • use the same username from the original Mac, this can save you a lot of trouble and extra work. your Mac username is used for your home directory and becomes part of the file path to your audio files. it’s what djay Pro and Apple Music use to track your audio files. if you use a different username on the new Mac, you may have to re-link files or worse manually “fix” the library and playlists.

Hi @DJSIGGI, unfortunately, there’s no way to import CSVs directly into djay. However, it might be possible to repair your broken database file. If you would like to upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then me send a link to the database in a DM we could have a look at it? Thanks!