Export History for Djay Pro

In all my past versions of djay, i was able to save my song history which made a nice play list by date which saved as a playlist to my itunes.

I am an active DJ and would love to see the option carry over to the djay pro!!!

I love the new interface and design… its amazing but why the heck would you take my save history option away! I have every set saved since i started in 2010 - i would love to keep it going… its nice to pull from those set lists.


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Hi Eva,

Thanks for your feedback. Rest assured that our team is looking into adding support for exporting history playlist.

I love that feature as well and was surprised when I couldn’t find it in the new software

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Please consider bringing back the save history option. In the old Djay you were able to save your history and it would give you a PDF file and drop the set history into your itunes playlist area. This is super helpful when going back and looking for past sets to pull music from, since I label all my sets

Plus one for the return of the export history !!!

right on !! Thanks!

This is a French interface, but you should get it !!

see next answer…

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On the old versions of Djay there was an option to “Save Song History” under the file tab. It’s gone now. I really liked saving PDFs of my sets.

I do see the “history” tab on the bottom of the library, but again, can I export those sets out to a pdf?

Otherwise, I love the new version!

I did my first gig using beat pad and iPad last night and it went down very well. I went today to export the playlist and found I could not. ( I just assumed it was there somewhere). Please figure a way of PDF or CSVing this functionality.

What are you talking about? I don’t see “History” anywhere in djay pro. Could you be more specific?

any update on bringing back this feature. i have every playlist from gigs i’ve performed since ive been using DJAY, please bring this feature back

I figured it iut in DJAY Pro i can now export my gig. Go to history and export current session! Two Thumbs Up!!!

Your welcome my Friend. I was at lost when i couldnt save my playlist. Now i am a happy camper!!

Same here. I am a dance teacher and am dependent on playlists from previous lessons every week. Last version made it so easy, with the push of a the button, playlists would both export to PDF files under my DJay folder on my mac pro and would also go to iTunes. Please bring back BOTH history saving/ export to iTunes features.

Please configure history saving feature like in the previous version to PDF and into iTunes. It is missed very much in the new version !!!

Bless your heart!!!
I found ALL my DJ Sets Playlists :)))))
Thanks stranger :wink: A big big help!!

Thank YOU !

Same here, I would love to have this feature back. It’s just better to pull from already played lists than searching the songs over and over again…
Thank you

WOW! It’s back! :smiley: sorry and thank you very much!