Export playlist function

Djay pro is really doing things well, many of what users requested are added as new functions in each update. Now, the more they offer us, the more we demand, here is the request. I think it is necessary that the djay pro playlist export function is simpler and not through the history cvs that we played or third-party software with an extra subscription (Not for comparison, but rekordbox and traktor have turned out to be in your own way) I hope you consider adding the function in future updates, users will be grateful…

I don’t have specific needs for exported playlist.
Current history csv has been fine for me.

Could you specify how the better export playlist would work?

What use cases you have for exported playlists?

I.e. you need to consider that a playlist can have locally stored files and streamed stuff from different streaming services.

What kind of data there should be?
artist, title, song length?

If I export .m3u i.e. maybe a playlist for audio player, then the playlist can’t contain files from streaming services.

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Hello Romy. I am an electronic DJ in bars, restaurants and pubs, but I am also a mobile DJ at events, weddings and birthdays, so I have a lot of music and video clips and it forces me to use an external disk, with its corresponding back up. At events I connect DJ controller, a projector, an audio interface, and a DMX interface to my MacBook. So it can become a jungle of cables with dubious stability. It would be practical for me to be able to put together the playlists (already having the cue points and loops saved for future events) and to be able to export them to the internal disk of my macbook, thus ensuring stability and reliability. I used Traktor before and it had this function that is very useful, but as we all know it has become prehistoric and almost obsolete.

Thanks for the suggestion @Gabriel_Gonzalez. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

So basicly functionality to prepare full database on your “main mac”: medialibrary, with songs, playlists, etc.

Then export from the medialibrary selected playlists + songs you need on that specific venue “as archive”.

Then just open up the “archive” on your “play machine” and everything is ready for the gig.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation @dj_romy_fi!