Export Playlist (same as export session)

As a user I want to be able to export a playlist the same way I can export a session.

Hi @ncianca,

Thank you for another great suggestion!

Is there a particular file format that you’d like these playlist exports to be saved in?

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Hi Nathaniel,

here are the most famous file format for this export

but the first 4 would be great yet :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !

Sounds great!

I will pass this along to the team for further review!

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With ability to import it back in if desired

Hi @DJDon,

Thanks for the follow-up! I will also be sure to add this to the feature request ticket for the team.

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As Playlists are in the same structure than the history lists, i’m wondering why @Algoriddim Team doesn’t want to enable this option for playlists :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Also a feature i use a lot in other DJ apps

I’ve moved your post over to this already existing topic thread about the same feature request to allow us to better track the user interest in this feature, as well as to easily notify you all when we have more news about this. Thanks for providing your feedback!

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Awesome thanks Emily x

Kind Regards

Mark Hawkins

I use Mixcloud so being able to export a playlist to a format that I could upload straight into Mixcloud would be amazing! This page shows the formats that mixcloud accepts:

mixcloud tracklist help page

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