Export session - djay PRO AI 3.1.13 for mac

Hello, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before in the app (and also on some threads on this forum) but I can’t find it anymore.

Is there a way to export a session as a text file (csv, excel, … anything will work)?

This is particularly useful for DJs in some countries (e.g. Italy) where they are required to submit the track list to the copyright authority after a gig.


Do they still require you to do that??
Dio Mio I don’t miss those days of having to fill out the SIAE forms back in the early 90’s…
The first song I would always write down was Marco Masini - Vaffanculo :joy:

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go to bottom left
click on “my collection”
then click on “history”
the export button will be on the right


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History :arrow_right: Choose the session
You will see the “share” symbol (square with an upward arrow)
Click on it and you will see the export options (CSV…)
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