Export Set History as Playlist to Tidal feature - iPad

This was a feature in the old app ‘Djay 2’ on the iPad, where you could tap on a ‘load song’ button, and instead of tapping Spotify or iTunes, there was a ‘set history’ button. From there you were able to immediately export previous sets AS playlists to Spotify. :smiley: This was a great feature that I used a lot.
Would be great to see it implemented in the new DJProAI app on the iPad! Currently, the only option there is to export a CSV file with the tracklisting… not quite the same :wink:

I had written to support about this, and they had told me that many had also requested this feature, but I can only see requests here about older versions with Spotify, not the new iPad app and exporting to Tidal. So that’s why I make this new topic here. So if you would also like to have this feature on the new iPad app, vote up this topic for Algoriddim :smiley:

Hi @Sebastian_Kaye,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community.

We are aware of the user demand of porting the old Spotify playlist export to Tidal, Soundcloud and other services and want to thank you for bringing it up.

It would be great if other users can push the topic by voting for it.


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your reply and confirming that this is a feature many others are interested in. Hope other users will also upvote this topic.

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