Export to Soundcloud in Djay


Why not enable users to export their mixes direct in app to Soundcloud? This would be n be wery simpel and a lot more social!

Dropbox too! iPad apps need to develop a feature set that evolves from Mac/PC dependency…otherwise it’s more of an accessory than an independent device.

I think these ideas would be a waste, consider all the other essential features DJAY is missing. They should focus on making the software better for LIVE usage, so things like:

Lock ( protect it from loading a song while track is already playing)
Song History & Highlight Previousy Played Songs ( anything over 15 seconds)
SAMPLE BOARD ( iPhone Guetta Version)
Compatable with more Dj Controllers

Basically all the features Algoriddim Djay has on all there platforms should be combined & set a new standard!