"Export..." with "Import playlist in iTunes" creates a single duplicate entry in iTunes Library


It is great to have a History section “Export…” button, with “Import playlist in iTunes” feature. Bonus points for that.

Each time I’ve used the feature, a duplicate entry was added to my iTunes Library, not a duplicate song, but a duplicate entry which shows a “Date Added” that matches the date and time I used the “Export…” button, with “Import playlist in iTunes” feature.

So, when sorting by the date, with recently added being at the top of the list, after I do an “Export…” and “Import playlist in iTunes”, one of the songs that was in the Djay playlist shows up at the top of the Library list in iTunes.

When I do a search on that song title, my original library entry shows up also, and both entries link to the same song file in the iTunes Library.

Please fix this issue, and please explain how I can repair my iTunes library.

Many thanks,