Exporting playlists to iTunes Spotify doesn't work!

  1. After using the export option get the newly created playlist show up in my iTunes but no songs in it.

  2. trying to export to Spotify gives the error message:

*** -[__NSFrozenArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 78 beyond bounds [0 … 50]

Anyone else seeing this behaviour?


OS X High Sierra 10.13.5

Hi there,

thank you for your post.

  1. Please note that the two tracks are off Spotify, only iTunes tracks can be exported to an iTunes playlist.

  2. Could you please record an exemplary video on how you create a History Playlist and try to export it to Spotify causing the error of the screenshot? That would help us a lot in order to improve our software.

Thank you in advance and please continue to share your feedback :slight_smile: