Exporting Playlists?

How can I export a playlist?

The release notes for djay Pro AI 4.0.9 mention the feature:
“Added option to export playlists as CSV file”

Where can I find this feature?

Anybody? Sorry for the bump

Check the manual:

Chapter 5.10.15 History, page 96

Thanks for taking the time to reply, but this does not answer my question.

Specifically I am looking for the new feature as listed in the release notes for djay Pro AI 4.0.9: "Added option to export playlists as CSV file”

We’ve been able to export our History as a CSV file for some time, that is not new as of version 4.

Is it, as suggested by the release notes, now possible to export playlists as a CSV?

Or did the release notes for 4.0.9 somehow refer to a long-existing feature, and not a new one?

Hi all, i’m up to date with the app version, i will check it on this afternoon.
In italy we have the S.I.A.E. plegue and export a CSV or a file text with the list of songs is a must have.

Any updates to this? I could really do with being able to transfer my saved lists to my other laptop…

@MSM the djayMediaLibrary database contains all playlists and saved hot cues and loops. You can simply copy this database file to your new laptop.