Exporting recordings

WE REALLY SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXPORT THINGS WE RECORD IN THE APP TO EMAILS,OTHER MUSIC APPS , YOUTUBE,SOUND CLOUD AND GARAGE BAND. It makes it able for us to share our mixes made with the app and it makes the app more appealing to artist or djays who use garage band to create music or djays mixing a song who use djay to add on things to share their creations

Hi Desiree,

djay already supports “Open in…”, which lets you open/export your mixes in djay to other apps that also supports this feature and djay’s recording file format (AIFC).

And vjay directly supports uploading/exporting to Facebook or Youtube or Camera Roll: Simply go to your recording and hit “Share”.

I cannot seem to export recordings to anything but iMovie, as no other audio tool that I have (including sox, Audacity, or Harrison Mixbus on OS X) recognizes the specific kind of AIFC compression that djay 2 is using on my iPad (“ima4”).

I would prefer not to have to bounce recordings through iMovie, as exporting a movie from there and resampling the audio defeats the purpose of using the recording function in the first place.

I enjoy using this product, and I’d really like to use the recording feature if it can be made to work. Can you recommend a conversion tool that will allow me to convert djay 2 recordings into a more widely understood format?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve done some digging, and I’ve discovered a possible bug in either djay 2 or the underlying iOS library on which it depends on write the recordings.

I was able to download and compile a piece of C code which converts ima4-compressed AIFC to WAV. In order to make that code work, I had to tell it to ignore the sample width in bits. The file header seems to report the sample width as 0 bits, instead of 16; when I overrode the file setting with 16, the conversion code worked perfectly.

I’m not sure if that’s why Audacity and Harrison Mixbus cannot read the files, but in any case I can now work around this issue.