External audio for multichannel card on IOS

Hello) I have been using your product on ios, mac os and windows for a very long time. I would like you to implement the following option. Please make it possible to output audio channels A and B through a four-channel external audio card for the possibility of mixing tracks on an external mixer, using an ipad or iphone as a cd player. And also add the ability to play the decks separately in mono mode, the left channel is deck A, the right channel is deck B. So that you can mix on an external mixer, for example on a Pioneer mdj 1000 in mono mode.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Using an external mixer is possible with djay Pro for Mac and Windows already :slight_smile:

We also added your feature request to play channel a and b in mono mode to our list.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Alexander, 

At the moment every natively supported iOS multichannel card can be used with djay for iOS. Which exact soundcard are you working with?

Yes, I know that you can use an external mixer in versions for mac os and windows, but I’m more interested in the ability to use an external mixer on ios devices using an external multi-channel audio card!
so that for example the master was redirected to A deck, and pre-listening to B deck.

Hi) I would like to clarify how things are with the introduction of this feature?

Hi) I would like to clarify how things are with the introduction of this feature?

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it would be ideal for sound from deck A to go out with line out 1, and sound from deck B to go out for line out 2. So that you can use any external DJ mixer for mixing, and the ipad was used as a dual CD player.