External audio interface with 4 outputs

Hello guy!

I don’t know how to solve this issue, the soft can’t identify my 4 sound interface outputs by separate, it does only detect the sound interface name.
its is posible to set channels 1-2 in deck one and 3-4 in deck two in order to use a external mixer?


Hi @MaXy.TiSo, thanks for your message.

djay Pro for Windows currently only supports audio interfaces that work via WASAPI, not ASIO. Please check with the hardware manufacturer (Focusrite) about multi-channel WASAPI compatibility of your audio interface.

In the meantime we are also working on adding support for ASIO in a future release.

Thanks for your answer!
The information that you provide to me, was very usefull. I could set up the channels via the Scarlet software.

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