External mixer for IPad Djay Pro (Workaround?)

With the introduction of the Lightning to USB 3 cable from apple (MK0W2ZM) which creates a good solid solution for connecting USB devices to IOS devices (and being able to provide the IOS device of power at the same time) we now can go crazy on connecting devices.

I used an USB hub to connect a Numark DJ2Go and transfered the .mappings file from algoriddim pro on the MAC to my ipad (using itunes). And it works perfectly!

Now DJAY is an awsome sidekick for working alongside my pioneer gear. If i get a request wich is not yet in my collection, i go online with spotify to play it.

The only issue is the lack of using an external mixer. I want to connect the device to my mixer and i need to be able to set each deck output to it’s own stereo output.

As it is not yet possible to do this, and i’m not liking the work around so far. (move crossfader to one channel, and cue the other player).

So could it be possible to maybee copy the config file of the DJ app on my mac to the DJ app on my ipad (using file transfer on itunes) to copy my configuration ?

Or how far along it this feature coming? I realize that it is not a very high priority but for any dj to integrate it propperly into their setup, it is a MUST HAVE!

As said in an MP2014 related thread, there’s a market for dual sound card mixers users who want to have an iPhone as backup when in the club. External mixing would allow easy switching between laptop and iOS device.

Besides of that, Class Compliant audio cards have started appearing in high-end, dual sound card mixers (MP2015, MP2014 and others).

Please do it, is a killer feature to alow professional djs to play at clubs using iPads and Djay pro! Im also interested in a way to play with 2 ipads + mixer using single decks. thx

Hi Bert Geelen,

the external mixer mode is not supported via iOS at this time and there is no workaround so far.

Lukas E.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I talked to my colleagues and we see the need of this feature. We will think about an implementation, the issue is on our agenda.

Lukas E.

Will external mixing be a feature in the future?
It’s an absolute need for aprofessional intergration.

It will be a huge step if this would be possible to have two audio streams out of an ipad.

thanks for your reply.

kind regards…

Rob from the netherlands

Hi Lukas, i’m using both Djay 2 and Traktor, external mixer mode is supported with traktor for iPAD. You can assign deck1 & deck2 with 2 separate stereo outputs. Could you investigate ?

Yeah this feature is way over due. Pros prefer dedicated external mixers and being able to route stereo outputs from separate decks is a super useful feature. Let the mixer handle the eq, cueing etc, just give us the separate output for each deck. There are plenty of usb soundcards with dual outputs to work with now and get a great pro level sound. Also I completely agree an optimal audio quality single deck mode optimized for club play using 2 ipads is very useful. The screen real estate/layout is more comfortable and goof proof. Also using 2 separate devices offers redundancy in emergency situations. DJ Player had this single deck mode feature at one point (called classic club) but they got rid of it and its the reason I stopped upgrading that software. You guys could get an edge by bringing it back! To this day the best ipad dj gig pro set up for me has been using 2 ipads with old versions of DJ Player on the single deck mode going into my Allen and Heath Mixer. Sounds amazing. DJAY is my go to for single ipad beach jams, house parties, car rides etc. I also use it on my phone as a gig backup and for random Spotify requests. You guys are only a few features away from being my pro gig goto though so PLEASE implement a stereo output per deck(even if just for 2 decks) and a single deck mode for people that want to use dual ipads at gigs. Do that and more gigging pros will jump on board for sure.