External mixer in Windows?

How does the external mixer feature work in djay Pro for Windows? Is there a dialogue similar to the mac version somewhere?

I’ve tried connecting a second sound card via USB, but I can’t seem to choose which deck goes to which device. When I enable the external mixer setting I’m only able to hear music from the left/first deck through the chosen sound card and the crossfader is gone.

I had problem with my Behringer CMD Studio a2. But after I got a new laptop, I forgot to install the Behringer drivers before I istalled DJay, it suddenly worked.

PS. I have ver 1709 of Win10 pro.

PS2. My controller have a 4 channel sound card.

PS3. I have manage to do all MIDI-mapping manually.

…so Im quite happy at the moment, after been struggling with this program for months.

Now Im hesitate to buy a more advanced controller, since I dont know if it will work…

I believe I’ve figured it out now:

Combining multiple output devices (e.g. similar to Virtual DJ) doesn’t work. If you connect an audio interface/sound card with multiple outputs, djay Pro will use the first four (=two stereo) outputs.
If the software is configured to use the “internal mixer”, it will use the first two outputs as main out and the other two outputs as cue out.
If it is set to use an “external mixer”, automix and the fader are disabled and the left and right deck are routed to the first two and other two outputs respectively - the “cue” settings are still there, but have no effect apparently.

Sorry but I tried with several sound cards, in windows 10
Both internal and external, and only routes the first stereo
It is not able to assign the other outputs

Think this will work? https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Dj-AD-IO-Ch…

I will buy this software if the developers would answer this question. That’s an important feature to have working and there is no documentation explaining how to do it for Windows.

Got the same problem with my Korg Kaoss DJ. Pre-Cue is not available

have the same problem with my M audio fast track Pro , its recognizing it but isn’t allowing me to split the deck to assign a channel on the interface to mixing desk :frowning: which is annoying given ive purchased the software for windows and I might have to go out and buy a Mac as seems to have a lot more help for that :frowning: