External Mixer Mode makes crossfader dissapear also in Video Mode


I want to use the external mixer mode for DJing and I want to use the video view to mix some VJ loops. But once I configure the external mixer mode, the crossfader disappears and I can’t manually blend the videos. The only thing I can do now is to use the transition hotkeys . But with them I can’t show both videos blended for example (crossfader in the middle). And the videos don’t react on the line faders with which I thought I could emulate the crossfader.

One effect: If I am in the Internal Mixer mode and set the crossfader to the middle position and then switch to External Mixer mode, both videos are shown as if the crossfader is still in the middle.

Is there any workarround for getting back manual control over the video blending or could this be fixed in some way?

Thank you!


And one more thing: Having the external mixer switched on disables the automix feature which makes sense for audio. But it is also disabled for video mixing. It would be great if it could be still used for videos in the external mixer mode.

I just found the hotkey here which solves my problem. :slight_smile:
Cmd+Arrow Up = Transition to the middle
Finer control still would be appreciated though.