External mixer mode on iPad/iphone

There should be an option to work in external mode with 2 or 4 decks:

  • USB soundcard 4 line out (lines 1/2 decks 1-3 and lines 3/4 deck 2-4) like Denon X600 or X1600 or X1700.
  • Adapter from mini jack to RCA L/R (left decks 1-3 and right decks 2-4).

Please see my picture.

Yes, Please.

When connecting an external Audiointerface, we already get this menue, where we can choose which channels are main output an which are for pre cueing.
There should also be an option, to assign decks to output-channels.
In this case I connected a Traktor Audio 2 Soundcard, but any usb Soundcard connected via CCK should work.



I’m having problems with this as DJay Pro on my iPad Air 2 with external Fast Track Pro shows no sign of audio options menu! I’ve plugged in two audio cards and still no menu… although MIDI options show there are devices attached, but no options.

Help! About to ask for refund as I only bought it for external sound card cuing and mixing, not for using recommended controllers.

Any help much appreciated