External monitor and sound on iPad Air running DJ Pro Ai

I have an iPad Air Gen 3 and would like to try DJ Pro Ai.

I wonder how I can use an external monitor/projector and output audio to a mixer or AVR. Anyone doing this?

I use a USB-C hub/adapter with a USB-A port to connect to my DJ controller and an HDMI port to connect to my monitor.

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Ok so the USB-C hub/adapter goes to the iPad (via FireWire) and has both a USB-A and HDMI out? Do you have a product link/description?

I have something similar to this one from Baseus

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Hi @tfmeier,

Glad to see you in the community again!

Have you checked out our FAQ on audio routing/pre-cueing with external audio devices? I will link to it below for further information.

Please let me know if you’d like further assistance!

Thanks. This addresses part of the answer. The other part is the video signal. Looks like I need a hub type device like what @Slak_Jaw has

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