External output not split

Hi. I got an issue while selecting the mode mixer (DJ pro 1.4.5 on MacBook). I want to use external mode, since I use a Pionneer XDJ-AERO controller. So I select “ch 1-2” as Deck 1 and “ch 3-4” as Deck 2. But as a result on my XDJ-AERO I got Deck 1 as master output, and Deck 2 as pre-cueing, and my decks faders just don’t work.
I install again the USB audio driver, but it is still the same.
Did I miss something in the configuration? Thanks for your help.

That’s what External Mixing does. You don’t want to use External Mixing. Switch it to Internal.

Hi Vivien,

please use the controller in internal mixer mode, that should give all the desired functionality.

How did you Pre Cue?
There were no changes to the External Mixer Mode.
The controller was designed rather as an internal controller than an external controller.
Did you try the internal mode yet?

No, I want to use the external mixing. It should send DJay pro deck 1 to controller deck 1 and DJay pro deck 2 to controller deck 2 ! I already used it in the past.

Any idea? Could this be a software bug rather than a misconfiguration? USB audio driver seems working fine with rekordboxDJ, and it was also working some weeks ago.

I tried the DJ pro 2 demo version, but the behavior is exactly the same. Help !

??? I want to use my Pioneer Aero mixer just like I did before, some month ago. It’s much more comfortable for pre-cueing. Moreover it’s suppose to work, isn’t it ? Or was there a regression in a recent version ? In that case, is it possible to downgrade my DJay Pro ?

I used to Pre-Cue on my XDJ-Aero. I tried the internal mixer but, correct me if I’m wrong, I must use the split cable. Not a big deal (I have it), but in such case master and pre-cue are in mono. Not so good to record my set. And I can’t use the internal recorder if I use Spotify, which is my main use. And moreover, I really like my XDJ-Aero mixer with its integrated effects.
What’s strange is that it really looks like a simple issue on affecting the DJay Pro outputs on correct audio device outputs.