External Soundcard Scarlett 4i4

Strange behavior last night……used an M1 IPad Pro with Reloop Buddy as MIDI controller and a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 as external high quality soundcard. Out of a sudden the controller switch back to the internal Buddy Soundcard for a few seconds and then back to the Focusrite. Latest iPad OS 16.2 and Djay 4.13. Anyone with similar issues? Same when I pull out the headphone from Focusrite. Really strange. Never had any issues before Ipad OS 16.2

I’d NEVER Trust an iPad Pro for my Main Gig. Great for a Backup, but Never the Main Gig.

Why is that? Curious to understand the concerns…

@RoDi_Baker_Sr I would like like to hear your reasoning behind this as well.

I’ve been using an iPad for all of my gigs for the last 3 years. Never had any issues. Prefer it over my MacBook actually. More stable and reliable than any laptop I’ve used for DJing over the last 13 years.

It seems it is a problem with the internals of the interface. Changed it to a Motu M4 and the instabilities are completely gone. I can pull the headphone out while in use, can pull out the external power supply without any issues. The only thing i have to do is to switch audio to to internal Ipad before i connect the Motu. Otherwise the audio routing is completely messed up. Up to now no further problems. Current setup: Ipad Pro M1, Reloop Buddy, Reloop Stand incl. Hub, Motu M4. Nice, portable , HQ sound

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