extra line input recordings

Hi Algoriddim crew,

I’ve been trying to connect more line inputs such as my ipad running another algoriddim session as well as an analog synth on the two exra channels available on my numark ns6. It seems as though the inputs are shared with the two channels available (channel 1 and 2) while pre queing is reserved for channels 3 and 4. Also, the extra inputs overtake either left or right deck, and they aren’t in the recordings.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is dj limited to recording the two decks, and not any inputs we add through our hardware decks (mine being the NS 6 from Numark) such as ipad running apps connected through RCA, analog synths or other devices?

Is this expected to happen in the next big dj release?

Thanks for your continued efforts

Hi Yuma,

Nope, it’s not you. djay only supports microphones. I don’t have a NS6 by the hand, but you can check if you can select the input as a “mic” in djay’s settings.

I assume you already tried setting the mic volume to a lower level. In this case, I’m afraid this setup won’t work for you, sorry.

Hi Warren,

So I tried selecting the numark NS6 as microphone and hooked the analog synth to the mic 1/4 input. Gain goes beyond critical in the meter and saturated sounds that increase in volume come out. This is not what the analog synth does. Really trying to find a solution.