Facebook login to Spotify is not working, and not for the forum for DJ Pro for Mac.

DJ Pro not working! Can’t access my songs. So i can’t use the software. It’s important!

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for getting in touch. 

I am sorry to hear that. Is the problem still occuring? Is there an error being displayed when you try to log in with Facebook?

Did you also try to log in without Facebook? You can find your Login information in your Spotify Account.

Nice software but i have to look at another solution.

DJ Pro app can work well with Spotify. Please make sure you have a Spotify premium subscription to DJ with Spotify. Besides, you can also try to log out your Facebook account and login with your email address to see whether it could be fixed well. 
By the way, Spotify will no longer work with DJ app on July 1. Please cherish these times.

If you have a Premium account, you can log into the DJ software for mixing Spotify tunes. So, you can check whether your Premium account is available. But don’t worry. If you don’t have a Premium account, you could also DJ with Spotify by using Spotify music converter windows.

I came across the same problem in the last few days. It may due to the coming soon termination of the Spotify integration. Please sync the Spotify playlists to Tidal or SoundCloud as soon as possible. Tidal really works well with DJ Pro.