Facilitating Song Requests/Social Media Platform Integration

Though a bit tangential to most of the ideas I’ve read pertaining to the latest DJay 2 app, I believe that the following addition to future installments of DJay could spark a revolution in digital DJing as a whole:

What if there were a way to facilitate song requests from people in attendance at a gig completely digitally. People could , for example, use some sort of local network, to send in request from a mobile device right from the dance floor and all that would be needed really is a wifi platform enabling this via say a local wifi setup or even 3G/4G network connections. Where DJay would come in is by creating smart cue libraries and or suggestions for upcoming songs based on all the usual considerations(e.g. bpm, key/pitch, whether song has been played already, etc.). This idea embodies a far more efficient and accurate way to take song request, particularly in dark, loud, and crowded places; yet even more remarkable, it creates a means by which to aggregate trend data on music preference over time, data that is invaluable not only to DJs but also to the music industry as a whole.

This is where the social media factor comes in. The data garnered from such a platform as the one I envision could then be “socialized” in all the ways common to today (e.g. Sharing on FB, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc.).

The crux of this idea, is that allowing such a platform to work seamlessly with a powerful app such as DJay, would really revolutionize the way we interact with music in public/social spaces—for DJs and music lovers alike!

I forgot to mention explicitlybthat such a feature of DJay would greatly augment a DJay’s ability to engage—if not captivate—attendees via their impeccable song selection skills, particularly for novice DJs like myself and/or DJs who are unfamiliar with local music preferences of regions where they do not live and/or do not normally Play gigs.

Quick Clarification: What I have in mind is something a lot like playmysong (http://www.playmysong.com/), accept it is fully integrated with DJay, working seamlessly over wireless networks to facilitate live digital song requests in real time at a given venue featuring this platform.

It could even facilitate communication both ways, enabling for instance DJs to automatically send messages to requesters informing them that their song is coming up next, or even that their requested song has already been played.

It could even Serve as a make-shift borrameter of how popular a given song request is amongst any given crowd by enabling attendees/requesters to view each others request and/or “like” or even “dislike” those song requests (I stole the concept from Facebook, but you get the idea).

Further Clarification: Did some investigating to see if there was anything like what envision with the aforementioned idea already available and found RequestNow (http://request-now.com/).

I think RequestNow is spot on as far as what I was thinking, the only key difference being that such a platform would be fully integrated with DJay 2 ( or higher). Moreover, the UI ( user interface) of a RequestNow type platform could be improved upon in several ways.

First off, as far as the aesthetics of the platform are concerned, it is lacking and this seems due primarily to the fact that SMS is the sole vehicle of communication between DJ and attendees—frankly aesthetics are sacrificed for simplicity, and unfortunate and unnecessary sacrifice indeed.

Secondly, it is quite possible to not only enable several means of conveying a song request/response to song request, but it is also possible (and highly desirable) to integrate popular social media platforms into the mix. Doing so would not eliminate the need to create individual accounts on yet another platform, but it would enable people to share their party going experiences, as well as promote the DJay in question.

This brings me to my third point about Marketability. As with RequestNow, DJs using such a platform would be able to get noticed at lot more easily, and the biggest perk of all of this is that DJay 2 (or higher) enabled this for them!