Fadeouts instead of crossfades in Automix (new option)

A feature I desire since day one in djay: a plain-vanilla fade-out curve in Automix — that is, the previous track fades out while the following track plays without any action on its volume level (no fade-in).

It’s something I and a lot of other people I talked to would find *highly* useful. By the way, I use djay on my Mac, on my iPad Pro and on my iPhone, and I’d love to see this feature implemented on all versions :slight_smile:

I’m attaching two pictures to show what I mean.

Oops, I swear I completely forgot I’ve already suggested this feature!


Menu updated.

By the way, I’ve just discovered that, to my surprise, even iTunes (application for macOS), when set in crossfade mode, performs fade-outs but does not perform fade-ins — or if it does, the fade-in curve is quite steep even when crossfade time is set to 12 seconds.