Fader and Short Cut Key

Feature a way to toggle Auto Cut (Slow/Fast) or make it an effect that way you don’t have to hold the keyboard key down the whole time. It’s tempo based so maybe u could also turn it to an effect and have it where the fader is like random (motion of moving the fader back and forth as if you’re scratching). YEAH I KNOW IT’S CHEATING


Turn on gate effect on the deck you want to ‘scratch’ and then move the platter forwards and backwards. Gate can be adjusted accordingly in terms of how fast it will cut in and out of the sound, but will be in time with the track you are ‘scratching’ over.

That said - learn to do it properly, it feels great when you get it and I actually enjoyed the journey to achieving it

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I tried it but seems tricky. I’ll keep trying it.
So if I load the scratch sample on 1 and song on 2, the gate effect goes on deck 1 RIGHT?

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That’s right, with the gate fx on move the jog wheel / platter forwards and backwards in a baby scratch motion. With gate set to half a beat it will sound like you are cutting it.

Scratching is hard but definitely worth the reward when you start to get it. Are you using a controller?

Or make it available to midi map