Fader/deck problem with iDJ Pro

All of a sudden the right deck will not record at all nor be heard in the pre cue when the fader is all the way to the right. I’ve opened and closed the app many times, changed the audio outputs, even deleted and reinstalled. Any help?

Hi Matthew,

Please provide more information regarding the problem:

  • Which iPad do you have? What iOS version is running on it?
  • Which djay version do you have?
  • What is your “Audio Devices Setup”? Please upload a screenshot.
  • Does the right deck appear to be playing?

Check your settings. Your cross fader may be set on invert. Has a similar issue.

Go to djay2. Click Settings then click on Midi. Make sure ur plugged into your idj pro and playing a track on the right.

See if the cross fader is set to invert. Let me know.