Fantastic app, but here's my problem/bug list

Hello and thanks for an amazing app! I present a weekly chill radio show and decided to transfer from the huge mixing desk to DJay Pro, and I’m not disappointed. Here’s a list though of stuff I’ve noticed that might improve the app on my iPad Air 2;

FX pots and switches produce crackles when being used. This might not be noticed when playing Dutch techno but I mix ambient music live on the radio and it’s very annoying.

Last artists name remains in the top window beneath the new track name. I’ve played the wrong tracks by mistake due to this bug.

Audiobus still won’t accept this app as functioning…zzzzzzz… all apps up to date…

Soundboard is very limited. I sometime use my own stems and vox samples to add texture to the mix and individual volumes, PFL and FX would take this app to another level…

Looping beatless drones or non-4/4 tracks is nigh impossible!

Keyboard shortcuts for all 4 decks would also be so much better for non-dance mixing. I often have drones, vox, SFX samples all playing at once and it’d be awesome to have instant access to controls from my Bluetooth keyboard.


Ok hope you’re already onto some of these, and it’d be great if you could let me know the score regarding the other points. It’s an excellent app and I hope it evolves well.