Feature from iPad version missing on MacOS

Hi guys, I have attached onedrive links below to two videos. The first one is from an iPad that shows an Automix starting with “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” on deck 1 and “Happy” queued up on deck 2 with “The Next Episode” due to follow up after “Happy”.

Now if I wanted to react to the crowd and think that it’s best to have “Family Affair” play after “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”, I can drag that above “Happy” in the “Up Next” section and it queues it up on deck 2 and “Happy” will then play after “Family Affair” and then “The Next Episode” after “Happy”. This is great and I love it!

How do I do this on MacOS??? If I try this on my MacBook, it doesn’t work. If I drag “family affair” to the top of the automix list, “Happy” will still be on deck 2. If I drag “family affair” to deck 2 then it overwrites “Happy” and “Happy” is just gone from my Automix list. The “up next” functionality is missing from the MacOS version. Please see the videos below

Ipad video

Macbook MacOS video

Yes, also confused why the “Up Next” feature of AutoMix is not present in MacOS. The “Up Next” is available on iPad but not MacOS.