Feature request: Crossfader controller should only start working after matching software position

When the crossfader in software gets out of sync have it behave like the tempo sliders. i.e. move the controller crossfader to match the software before it starts working again.

Hi guys,

in general, any slider can be set to work with the “pick up mode” aka “ghost slider” but only the tempo sliders have a visualisation for that.

It would be interesting how you are using the crossfader to get into the scenario where the digital crossfader and the crossfader on your controller are not aligned.

Lukas E.

yes yes yes, pretty please!!

(is there any way you can explain what you mean by advanced midi mapping and how you do it if it’s not too involved?)

just found out I can do this with advanced midi mapping, but it lacks the visualisation, the ghost slider and the red line, like the tempo sliders.

After turning off automix there’s a 1/2 chance it’s on the wrong side.