Feature Request (MacOS) - Select the Queue as a Source in Automix

I wish this feature would move from iOS into MacOS. It’s such a useful tool for events (corporate, weddings etc.) - when I’m working with hosts, speeches, stage performances, product demos etc. - it’s nice to have the Queue as a Source in Automix - so I can have everything lined up, ready to go, but also the ability re-arrange / insert on the fly.

The feature is fine in iOS, but I really need the flexibility of a Mac during a live event.

Just so it’s clear. This is the option in iOS.

But in MacOS, we don’t have the option.
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 1.32.48 AM

Hi @Michael_Wisniewski,

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us as I’m sure the dev team would like to take a greater look into this.

I’ll make sure that they see it!

Have a good day.

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