Feature Request: Matching & Related Tracks

I recently switched from Rekordbox to Djay Pro and have been very impressed. However, I believe adding a track matching feature would be extremely beneficial. These are basically tracks that the DJ thinks go well together.

Here are the key aspects of the requested feature:

  1. Track Pairing Memory: Allow users to save pairs of tracks that complement each other. For instance, if I determine that Track A and Track B go well together, I should be able to save this pairing within the software.

  2. Bidirectional Suggestions: The software should be able to suggest the complementary track when either track in a saved pair is loaded. For example, if I load Track A, it should suggest Track B, and vice versa.

  3. Multiple Pairings: Support for multiple pairings would be highly beneficial. This would allow a single track to be paired with several others. For example, I should be able to save that Track A goes well with Tracks B, C, and D.

Hi @Roozbeh, thanks for the suggestion, but djay already has a Match feature. Please refer to the linked FAQ article:

Thanks for your reply, but the feature I’m suggesting is different. It’s like the ‘related tracks’ or the ‘match tracks’ in Rekordbox. It’s not the DJ asking the software to find tracks that go well together, rather the DJ telling Algoriddim to remember that track A matches with track B. And in the future if the djay plays track A, they can look at the list of ‘related tracks’ and see B.

Thanks for clarifying @Roozbeh. This feature also exists in djay on macOS. It’s called Related tracks.

  1. Just select the extra screen on the right
  2. Select the track where you want to relate another track to
  3. Go to the info icon.
  4. Select the Related tab and drop the song here that you want to relate to…

From now on it remembers this track combination (it can even remember more related tracks). They link vice versa. So, as soon as you add a related track to one, it becomes visible on the other as well. And once related they also become visible as first in the Matching tracks tab.

Djay - Related-Tracks

Oh wow, I had no idea this was a thing, I would love to see this on Windows! I really hope that both versions will offer identical functionality in the near future

As Related tracks is available on MacOS, it would be nice to have this on iOS as well. So as for me, this is a vote/request for this feature on iOS!