Feature request: support Spotify folders

I have my Spotify music nicely structured in folders. When I load it up in djay pro, the tree gets flattened and it’s a big mess. Please add support for folders.

I totally agree this ! :slight_smile:


We are currently not able to support Spotify Folders due to the Spotify api.

Still this is on our feature request list.

Agreed!!! it’s a nightmare to scroll through 319 playlists in alphabetical order

The internal Djay Pro library is funky. References get lost and sometimes just trying to create a new playlist or folder stalls the app fpr up to 2 mins.

Also the main problem with that workaround of yours is:

updates and syncing

My playlists are constantly changing. Tracks being deleted, swapped out and added. Manual organization for something like that breeds chaos.

Which is why both full itunes and spotify support would be very welcomed (Can’t be an API thing if Serato & Rekordbox can do it - Serato with Soundcloud actually, but still)

as a work-around, maybe support adding spotify playlists to the djayPro library. That way you can select the relevant playlists, put them in folders as you want but manage the content from spotify.

You can check the API here: https://developer.spotify.com/documen…
there’s no way to access the folders… that’s up to Spotify to provide.

I guess Soundcloud’s API is better and does provide access so Serato can support it.

The playlists could still get synced, just not the folders the playlists are in. You’d create your own folder structure (probably not all your playlists, and maybe organised differently) within DJP. Only the content would get synced. You’d have to put a Spotify icon in front of the playlist to make it clear it’s a synced(read-only) playlist and not a normal DJP one.

It’s a workaround, not an ideal solution :wink: