Feature Request: Use Jog Wheels for Effects

Feature request.

Make it possible / Provide a mappable midi action to use the Jog Wheels for changing the effect on a track:

  • Map Jog Wheel to change effect parameter 1
  • Map Jog Wheel to change effect Wet/Dry
  • Map a button to enable/disaable this and put the jog wheels back into their normal mode.

This is how the Beatpad 2‘s Jog FX operate, at least for the „Parameter 1“. I‘ll look up how they are mapped.

So the functionality on the Beatpad 2 is:

You can put the RGB pads into “Jog FX” mode. In this mode, the leftmost buttons act as “On/Off” switches for the “manual” FX while the jog wheel changes the parameter for both effects at the same time.

Bad news for the mappability, though: When turning on “Jog FX”, a Midi signal is sent but in the configurator the corresponding part is “unconfigured”. Worse: The cue buttons that turn the effect on or off do not send any MIDI signal (at least there’s nothing visible in the configurator). The jog wheels seem to be properly mapped, at least.

I’d be happy to send you a MIDI file from the Beatpad 2, of course, if that is of help.

Thank you very much for the detailed response. I saw the same general thing on my Pioneer DDJ-400. Some functionalities actually DO work, although they do not seem to be shown in the MIDI mapping. (No midi signal and action is “unmapped”.) Although the controller DOES send MIDI signals.

That would solve the probelm: If Algoridim would offer a MIDI action for “toggle Jog FX mode”. This functionality seems to be there already as you describe it. It only would need to be offered as MIDI action, so that everyone could map it.

Thanks doogie. I’ve added your suggestion for the new MIDI command to our list for the engineers to have a look at.

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This would be a great feature to add. +1

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