Feature Requests

There are a handful of features that are either missing or I haven’t figured out how to make them happen. Someone please help me with the following basic things:

  • Auto-Mix shuffle doesn’t actually shuffle the songs.

  • I want to be able to pre-cue a song OFF a deck. Many other DJ software systems have a mini player attached to the playlist area where you can preview a song and set its cue points without having to take your on-deck song off. This is a huge flaw.

  • I want the history to persist across sessions of djay. So often I’ll forget to export my history after a set and then it’s gone… What a waste!

  • There should be the ability to set the cross-fade duration for auto-mix.

Hi Michael,

Can you please post the middle ones as “Ideas” (= Feature request)? Create one for each request but please first check if a similar idea already exists.

Okay, found the cross-fade auto mix duration and I realized I was using auto-mix wrong, so that first one is a non issue. But the middle two are still issues. Thanks!