Feature to save settings when closing the application on iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Hi team.
I was wondering and hoping that you would consider putting a feature in the next version allowing the user to save his or her settings when closing the application.

I do understand that certain settings automatically save however, if this could be made in terms of slip mode and others that would be highly appreciated…

Please see screenshot below that further illustrates what I am asking for.

Also interested to find out what other users think of this idea


Great idea. I would also add this for the FX menu. I have created a list of favourites from the many excellent audio FX options available. I only ever want to select from these favourites because it’s painful scrolling through the entire Audio FX list using hardware controls only. Especially in a live scenario. I would like djay to remember that I want to only select from the favs/star menu instead of from the entire Audio menu. Djay always defaults to the full Audio FX menu. So every time I open djay I have to go into all 3 FX menus for Deck 1 and Deck 2 and manually select the favourites/star menu.


100% agree with this, I have to set the wave bars to 3 band every time. Not a show stopper, but mildly annoying


On both Mac and iOS the reset EQ, FX and Tempo is not saved after quitting the app. You have to manually enable it again.
Also the reset tempo midi-assignment-function resets the tempo instantly. It used to do it gracefully when playing a song.


Hi there. I raised something similar in the suggestions section. Maybe you should start a thread there as, I was advised by another member


Thanks for your report about the Reset EQ, FX, Tempo settings not saving after quitting the app. I’ve moved your post over to this already existing topic, as suggested by @Djdash, to further collect on this thread the settings you guys would like to have persisted across launches of djay.

Thanks to the others on this thread who have shared what you would like to see persisted! Your feedback is helping our team always improve djay in future developments. :pray:

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