Features missing in new djay app and Mixon 4

I was originally quite excited when I heard of the features of the new app. Many things I wished for since a long time. But I was hit by a number of issues I didn’t expect at all. A little background about me, I use djay since it’s first version and moved up to djay 2 and to djay pro. I used this setup first with a beatpad and then with a Mixon 4 as a resident dj every weekend. For me there are a few setbacks with the new app!

First I came across the fact that the 4 channel mode was stripped of so many functions like displaying the key of a track and the possibility to change the key. I can still use the button on my Mixon 4 but had no way of turning the key shift back on track 3 and 4, no go for me! The functions are still there but not accessible through the ui, In general the Infos and features djay pro offered were already good, which is why I don’t understand that they disappeared on the new app.

Next thing is that I wish the library as it is usable in the 2 track window would also be available on the 4 track window, and not only the small view. What comes on top, is that algoriddim hasn’t sorted the issues (like scrolling) with long track titles (important when you have a few different versions of the same track). Or am I missing something?

Another thing that I hate is, that the filter links withe the fx parameter and I couldn’t find a way to unlink them, so when ever I set up a delay on the fx and mess with the filter the delay parameter gets changed too. Really uncool if your trying to fade out something on the filter with a long delay but then it gets faster or slower with the filter…

I also found an issue with the scroll button, if you are in the library and scroll through your playlists you can’t access the playlist with the button push. Same goes for loading a track, I can’t load the track with the scrollbutton push.

One idea I have for the loop/producer section, please give that a master fader and link it to the sampler volume knob on the Mixon 4,so you can control the sample volume while you are in a different window (2 teack/4 track).

And one thing I would like to try but maybe someone has already tried it, I have an apc Mini from my desktop setup and want to connect it with a new camera connection kit plus the Mixon 4. Like iPad lightning goes into camera connection kit, apc mini goes to the USB connector of the cck and the Mixon 4 goes into the lightning port. And then I could use the apc mini to launch the loops and control their volume while using the Mixon 4 to dj. This way I could do alot more live remixing!
Another idea is to route the loopsection to one channel, like Channel 4, so I have 3 decks to djay and one to control the samples and apply fx to them.

There are more things I can’t remember atm. So I will update this as soon as I come across them.

Please algoriddim keep us in the loop, since you switched to a subscription base, you don’t have to hold information of new features and involve your user base more actively. Don’t only tell us you forwarded the problems but report what you guys are planning to do or not do. That would launch algoriddim/djay so much further and bring out even more potential this app surely has!

A patient and dedicated long term user

Hi thanks for the reply.

Regarding the 4 deck Situation , I get that you don’t want to make the UI not to messy, but why did you downgrade the 4 deck compared to djay pro(iPad)? It was working on the „old“ app, so why not at least copy what you had?

Regarding the scroll button I’ll make a video when I get to it, and post it here.

The fx parameter problem, is as follows. If you have any fx activated and the move the filter of any channel, all fx parameter jump to the position of the filter knob. Here is one common example: I’m playing a track on deck 1 the track goes into a breakdown and i Start to mess around with the delay on the lowest parameter but the wet/dry at 100%. To mix in the track on deck 2 I move the filter way into hp filter to try to blend in the track in with a filtersweep. As soon as I move the filter the parameter of the fx jumps to the position of the filter (so rather short delays unlike I had before) wich is obvious to the audience and not what I wanted. So in short the filter knobs on the mixon 4 are always linked to the fx parameters of all fx on all channels.

I had the older Cck and the newer one which also had lightning. But if that is only usable for charging my initial idea wouldn’t work. Can the mixon be connected via a camera connection kit and a usb hub?

I have two other ideas, would it be possible to interpolate the fx parameter so it doesn’t jump in steps blather follows the rotary knob smoothly. Situation is, on the old beatad the knob for fx parameter wasn’t an endless rotary knob like on the mixon 4 and you could use it in a smooth fashion to make a continuos rise with the tonalizer fx. On the mixon 4 the knob is endless but stepped, which is fine for dialing something in and leaving it at that, if I want to create a ride with the tonalizer for example, it goes up in steps unlike with the beatpad wich would produce a continues rise.

And would it be possible to make the jumps in the overview window also quantized? For example I’m at the end of a track, wich I didn’t give any hotcues, now I want to just let it jump to an earlier part but not of beat, every time I try to do that I couldn’t hit it right, but if the overview window would allow to make jumps in „sync“ with the beat one could easier save a mix without having to loop the obvious outro…

Thanks a lot Matias (Hans von Freymacher)

So I solved the fx parameter being stepped, by mapping the parameter to the filter knob in shift mode. The filter fx 1 connection seems to be still an issue. The mixon 4 has a button that is supposed to switch the link of filter and fx 1 parameter on and off, but instead it turns fx 1 on and off. Here a video showing what I mean:

The scroll button works to select/enter playlists/genre, but the button push does not do anything. It used to load the highlighted track to the deck one used to call the track selection menu from.
I actually got used to use the load button to load a track to the deck, and have a better idea, for the push button. It would be perfect to preview the highlighted track. Like I am looking for a song to play, I scroll through my tracks and when I want to preview a track I just push the scroll wheel to preview/listen to the highlighted track, and if I wanna load it I just push the load button.

Where as the UI fuck up in 4 deck mode, still nothing has changed… I just need to see the key the tracks are in!?

And still no scrolling titles!? Seriously!? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TZ96…

Another wish from my side, since a general looper volume fader is already available, pls make it midi mappable! I’m talking about the one highlighted in the following picture on the left

And while we’re at it, also make the looper style menu switchable (preferably as a button for next and a button for previous) highlighted n the right.

And please respond with status updates and not the standard text, “thank you we’ll forward it bla”

I also found a way to connect the apc mini while keeping the mixon 4 plugged in as usual. Midi over Bluetooth does the trick :wink:

There’s a device from yamaha that does the trick. Yamaha ub-bt01 it’s called.

Hi Matias,

first off thank you very much for your post.

We are very happy about any feedback and I will go through your points one by one.

-Thank you for the 4 deck feedback, the space of the user interface is limited but not having the key displayed is of course a limitation. I forwarded your post internally.
-An extended Library in the 4 deck view on the iPad is essential, we are aware of the issue.
-About the FX parameter and the browse button, could you point this out in a little video, is this especially with the Mixon 4?
-Yes we will add a midi mapping option to the looper master volume, this is missing. Thank you for pointing that out.
-Which exact camera kit do you want to use, some kits only provide USB and another lightning port, this port is not working as midi input because it is solely for charging. You need a real Lightning / Usb C Hub with two USB inputs to do so. Also make sure your APC mini is midi mappable.

Thank you for your feedback we are always happy to hear more :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your feedback.

Both feature requests are on our agenda :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Hi, can you please explain how did you managed to do this, as I believe apc mini does not have bluetooth?

Many thanks for the info.

Props on all suggestions by Matias! Especially on the MASTER VOL KNOB for samples and loops! A must! Hope we get a FW update soon! Love using the IOS app btw!