Features Request for iPad

 Love the app! Been spinning since 1994 and I have completely moved over to Djay on my iPad Pro 11. Been amazing my DJ peers, and patrons at my events. I feel like there is a strong possibility for DJs to shift over to iPads with the new advances in iOS 13. The touchscreen of iPad create a more organic experience, sort of like touching vinyl back in the day. After using Djay for a couple of years, I have a few feature requests that I think would bring in a lot of resistant DJs that are on other platforms and producers that want a familiar landscape to integrate their production:

-The ability to record a beat for more than 4 beats (at least 8 preferably 16) It is too short currently to get dynamic when putting together a live drum sequence

-The ability to mute/clear an individual sample pad pattern. Currently, the only thing I have found is clearing the entire pattern on every pad. Kind of a bummer if I simply want to pause or change a hi-hat but I am forced to rebuild the sequence on every pad.

-The ability to key change/sync loop packs and imported samples. This seems like a natural progression from where it is now. Everyone wants their DJ mixes to feel like harmonious instrumentation. Mixing in key is a start. Bringing in loop packs is nice but if they are in the wrong key from the song playing, it fails to enhance the song. I play along side a band and we have discussed incorporating my DJing into the sets. I can do it with my Launchpad app because it has key change. It would be fantastic to do the same thing all within Djay.

-The ability to auto time stretch and key lock imported samples. This is another option to keep DJs inside the app versus venturing outside and still keep within the DJ space.

-Add the ability to create our own loop packs. As a DJ and producer, I want to integrate more of my own production without needing to go outside the app. I like the Ableton Link integration and the current mini launchpad, however saving my own loop packs would make it easier to remix live on the fly without feeling like I have to get into producer mode by switching between apps. The drum machine style sampler is a great add-on that should remain. The ability to recall saved custom pre-made loop packs could be a game changer and keep within the DJ mindset. Working along side a band, sometimes the keyboardist might not be available or the bass player has a church event. I thought it would be fresh to import the stems of our commercial releases as custom loop packs and still stay in DJ mode.

-Add more pre-made loop packs. I noticed there was a drop off of new loop packs and sample libraries. Most DJs like me probably outgrew those quickly. In part, this goes pack to incorporating the ability to create our own saved loop packs. Not every DJ wants to necessarily make their own packs and more content means an enhanced user experience. So if there is some licensing issue associated with the current provider, you can always add a pricing structure. Most other apps have a store where users can hear a sampler before purchasing content… 99 cents seems to be the norm. One software will even play the pre-made sampler song and a handful of individual parts in the same pitch and speed of the music that is loaded. That encourages a spending decision. BTW bring in more Soul, Neo-Soul, Trap-Soul, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, and other Urban categories.

-Adding Camelot wheel option within the settings. (For those of us still memorizing the circle of fifths lol)

-Add live-streaming! Should be able to add the internal camera as an option in the drop down…PIP, overlay add, subtract, emboss etc over/under the visualizer or the video file. Be able to stream to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. Include a disclaimer that users will not stream copywritten material and disable using Spotify while streaming the same way it is disabled while recording.

great suggestions ! i’d also add live streaming to Shoutcast server :slight_smile:

Thank you for these very nice feature suggestion. We are taking these in for updating our Sampler on the long run and future Sampler features. Also creating your own loop packs is a cool feature we added to our future feature list. Thank you for sharing. It would also be nice if other users share their feedback regarding the Sampler and Looper features.