Feedback and bug found with the Pioneer DDJ Rev1 tracking mapping

I was so glad to see Pioneer DJ DDJ Rev1 be supported natively by Djay so quickly after my request with even support for its specific tracking feature. Thanks to Algoriddim for that. So you guess I tested as soon as I could.

However I encountered some buggy behavior with the tracking feature.

There seem to be two problems

  • when you activate tracking on one deck and at the same time you activate another mode like neural mode with SHIFT and SAMPLER buttons, the deck with tracking activated loses audio until you release the jog

  • the tracking itself seems to not work very well with some tracks especially if the cue is at the start of the track, it gets trouble displaying the waveform and the “scratch patterns” do not seem to apply correctly. Looks like maybe a problem with managing the movement on the very beginning of the track where there is no waveform yet. Not sure but could be that.

Has anyone else the same problems ? Can Algoriddim reproduce this ?

It’s a bit annoying as that can lead you to audio glitches during live performance.

As a sidenote, I also noticed that SCRATCH BANK doesn’t work but it is replaced by NEURAL MIX mode which I like to have too. Maybe one day if SCRATCH BANK is implemented on Djay, Algoriddim will find a way to offer us both this and NEURAL MIX. I hope :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for reaching out.

Regarding your first point: It’s expected that the deck with tracking activated will lose sound since it also controls the crossfader. In some of the tracking modes, the crossfader will stay at the other deck’s side until you release the jog wheel, hence there is no sound coming from the deck.

Regarding your second point: I was able to reproduce this issue and created a ticket for our developers. Be assured that we’ll let you know as soon as there is any news about it.

Thanks again for your feedback, it’s highly appreciated.


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