Feedback on djay Pro v5.0 Minute Markers Visibility


I’ve recently updated to version 5.0 and overall, I appreciate the enhancements. However, I’d like to provide feedback on the minute markers in the waveform. In the new version, they appear thinner and less visible compared to the previous version. As someone who heavily relies on these markers for track analysis, the current visibility is challenging, especially in low-light conditions.

I’ve attached two images to illustrate the issue. Image 1 shows the minute markers in previous version, and Image 2 demonstrates the visibility in version 5.0.

Thank you for your attention to user feedback.

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I brought this up as well, I’m going to need glasses now to see those markers, hopefully in a future update they will either revert back to the larger marker or at least have an option in settings to do so

Same issue here with me.I hate the new markers. Hard to see.

Thanks for sharing this feedback everyone! I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

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