Feedbacks after weeks with the new iOS Djay


First, I would like to say a big thank you to the team to create such an amazing product. Coupled with a Reloop Beatpad 2, I can mix party everywhere with just my iPhone, something still impossible few years ago !

It’s time now to focus on solving problems and implementing features.

  • Even after the last update, the Echo effect is still half the time not synched on the BPM. Playing a track, if you then load an other effect and come back to the Echo one, now the problem is solved. But each time you load a new track, you have to make this turnaround again !

  • It’s near impossible to work efficiently on cue points on an iPhone since we don’t have a page where waveform and cue points are shown together.

  • Cue Points and analysis of track are lost randomly each time I close and reopen the app ! This is so time consuming to start again and again.

  • After a track is analyzed, sometimes we need to move the grid few milliseconds to be accurate. So you shift grid and click on Apply, but the grid either doesn’t move or move to another position !

  • There is still no way on iPhone to analyse an entire playlist.

  • We miss some useful samples we had on the previous Djay version, like the police siren, the gun, etc…

  • In pitch fixed mode, as soon as you change the native bpm, the sound becomes very distorted. This comes from the algorithm used for the pitch shift. Maybe it will be interesting to use more advanced algorithms.

These feedbacks are the most important one for me, so I remain at your entire disposal for more informations.


Up !