"Field not editable" when you resort columns.

When (un)sorting by BPM/key, I sometimes get a popup that says “Field not editable” when I have not edited any fields. See attached video.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 6.40.37 PM

Hi @kokernutz, can you please share a link to the actual video? I don’t use iCloud on my Windows laptop so I can’t access the file.

Oops, sorry. This this one:

Hi @kokernutz, thanks for the video. I could be wrong, but based on that video, it looks like you are clicking on the column twice and quite quickly so that djay thinks you are double-clicking and trying to edit it. Does the same thing happen if there is a longer gap between the first and second click?

Good catch. Yes, that might be it. Waiting an extra second to click again does not trigger the error.

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