File formats not recognised

I’ve been using DJay for 5 years on a Mac. I recently moved my music (in itunes) to a PC and just bought DJay Pro for the PC.
Although all the tunes seem to show in the list within DJay, not all of them will play.
I get error messages saying ‘File not supported or corrupted’ or ‘File Location Not Accessible’. Though they all play fine in itunes. I certainly don’t want to be burning 1000’s of tunes to disk and re-importing as mp3 (as suggested on another thread) as I want high quality files to DJ from. Most of my music is from original CD’s (MPEG, AFF or AIFF files) and some are downloaded from SoundCloud and a few are MP3’s.
There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to which files are being rejected.
Also, with the error box that says ‘File Location Not Accessible’ it also suggests links to files where they are located, yet when visited they don’t have any files in them to link to.
Any advice?

Hi Lukas,

I only use itunes.

Hello? Anymore help coming?

No. What is My Explorer? Can you explain what you mean?

Hi Simon,

We are very sorry to hear that.

Which Library are you using mainly on your PC with djay Pro (My Explorer, iTunes…)?

Lukas E.

I am sorry for the belated response. Have you tried playing the tracks which are not working via iTunes within other Libraries like the My Explorer?

Thank you in advance.