Filename from Folder integration

I love the the new function from Djay Pro 1.1.0 with the ability to finally add Music from any Folder on my Mac or External Hard Drive, instead of only using music loaded from my iTunes Music library. However, in the next Algoriddim Djay Pro update/release, I would like to see the ability to use “Filename”; no one wants to rename thousands of songs that has their original ID3 Tags when using the new “Folder” function. Artist, Name, Genre… is not enough. Please INNOVATE…
This change would be great for all DJ Pro users out there. Virtual DJ had this ability since version 6.

This includes displaying information in the search field as well.

Thank you for sharing this feedback, Warren. You definitely have a point!

I agree, the Search Field has to be unified across the entire App.


If you are a proffesional DJ then all your MP3s will have the proper tags and you will not need to view the filename.

Algoriddim do not need to fix a “problem” because there is no problem. You need to stop being lazy.

Hope this helps,


+1 to this request. How is it possible such a basic function hasn’t been attended to in 4 years? This function alone is what keeps me using Serato in all situations other than the most poppy of parties when I feel I need Spotify to attend to pop-crowds. If this function was fixed, I’d switch across to DJay Pro as my default in a flash