Filter/3 band Eq option on a wego 4 in Djay pro for iPad?

Pioneer wedj software has option for 3 band eq or hi low & filter. Please can you update - its needed so much in djay pro!!

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Lukas, thanks for taking this, could we apply the fix to the WeGo 3 as well ? It currently has no filter as we cannot assign as an FX.

Thank you. A solution as soon as possible would be amazing. I DJ for a living so really need this sorted for my mobile gigs.

Bump!! Any news on this??

Lukas - have you managed to get the option to use filter knob as traditional 3 band eq on Wego 4 yet buddy?


Lukas… it’s been 2 years.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I forwarded your request internally.

Lukas E.

Yes, Please Lukas E, it’s very important for DJs to have an option to choose between 3 band EQ or 2 Band EQ + Filter (standard) in Pioneer DDJ WEGO 4. I still don’t get why didn’t Pionner added 3 band EQ + filter which would be much better deal overall.

Any news on this one? Had to switch to WeDj app because of this (it has a switch for 3 band eq)