Filter, EQ, FX, Snap, etc. - Make Djay truly Pro!


Here’s a bunch of suggestions to make the Djay Pro app more useful and professional sounding than it is now. I’m writing this after two long gigs in two nights and I’ve given it a lot of thought.

  1. FILTER. It’s been said before but the filter is truly unusable! The resonance probably gave my audience tinnitus last night the few times I used it. It is horrible sounding. Sooooo resonant and somehow lofi. A more musical and subtle filter is absolutely vital for this app to get better. If note I will have to go back to Traktor 3 it’s probably the most important tool in transitions. Make the filter customisable to give people options in the settings: a clean filter, slightly resonant, medium resonant and so on.

  2. MIXER FX. It would be amazing if there was Mixer FX like in Traktor and most other pro dj tools by now. The ability to change the Filter to Delay, Reverb, Noise or Gate for quick cool and seamless transitions. Apart from a filter I can actually use this is what I miss the most from the switch from Traktor 3.

  3. CUE SNAP. I would love a snap option that snaps cues and loops to the grid. I waste a lot of time while mixing in Djay jogging to the very, very exact point on the grid I need my cues. This is so much easier in every other app I’ve tried.

  4. LOOP. It is a big shame that using a “Bounce” loop takes a track out of its “Auto” loop. It would be so cool to be able to create variations in a loop with “Bounce” during a transition. But at the moment as soon as you use “Bounce” it exits the loop and I don’t understand what the point in that is.

  5. FX. Whenever I load a new song all 3 FX dry/wet goes to 100 and is turned off. It would make it way more useful if it stayed the same. I lose track of what I’ve done and my midi mappings when things reset like that.

  6. FX ON/OFF BUTTON. Could the on/off button for the 3 FX have a send like option where the reverb and echoes would bleed after turning them off? It would make especially reverb and echo much more usefull if you could create these stabs of fx.

  7. IMPROVED FX. I would love a more ambient, darker sounding reverb than the one currently implemented which sounds very cheap to my ears. Also a Tape Echo with a more dark tone than the current Echo effect would be much better sounding to mix with.



Si true… There is LOT of development to have on the FX side…